Mh3 Nject Reviews – Line Elimination Serum

Product Name Overall Rating Patented Trial Offer Testimonials
TonaDerm (2014 Top Choice) (4.9)
Hydrolyze (4.7)
IQ Derma (4.5)
Mh3 Nject Line Elimination Serum (3.0)

One of the newer products on the market as of writing this review, the Mh3 Nject anti-aging wrinkle cream was made to help those who notice those serious signs of aging within the facial skin. The main ingredient being Innovenom, helps to make the skin relax and supple. Two women are the founders of this product, namely Brynja McGrady and Deborah Flattery. Positive comments have been made about this product from famous actresses, athletes, and musicians such as Paula Abdul who recently tweeted about it. The are before and after shots on the official website which can be found here.

Product Information and Ingredients

The main ingredients within the product are Collagen which directly helps with the elasticity of the skin, Apple & Stem Cells which assists with cell regeneration, Kombucha which is a very rare mushroom proven to provide a lipo-filling effect, as well as Hyaluronic Molecules which assists in maintaining moisture within the skin.


Mh3 Nject offers a trial to start.
This product has positive reviews from reputable people such as Olympic athletes and famous musicians.
Mh3 offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
Winner of The Swiss Technology Awards.


The product is new and does not have many testimonials.
More in-depth information about the product could be provided on the official website.


This product is definitely a winner. What little reviews we have had feedback from have been mixed. The ingredients are those which have proven to be valuable against ant-aging, but other ingredients have caused problems for users. With our analysis and feedback we have to say that we do not recommend this ant-aging product any longer.

***Update: With additional complaints about this product we have now downgraded this product to 3 stars.


  1. Eilene Briggs

    I have been using mh3 nject for about a month now and just wanted to add a review of what I found. I did notice immediate results which is probably from the collagen. I have tried a lot of other creams and serums and this is definitely one of the best so far. I have noticed my skin feeling more smooth and less loose. I have used the product about 3 times thus far and will provide more feedback in the coming months.

    Thanks, Eilene

  2. Ellen Fenter

    I tried this product and was not happy with it. I read some good reviews on it but after I received it and followed the instructions and after waiting 2 weeks I saw very little change in my skin. I don’t recommend this stuff.

  3. Santa Rosita

    Thanks for the review. Will be trying this out. I will post my findings in a few weeks.

  4. Does this product work for sun spots , I have some on my face .

  5. Monica C

    I also read some great reviews and was so excited to recieve this product. I am now approaching the end of the trial and have seen no improvements in my skin. I am starting to see early signs of aging now that I’m in my early thirties. I figure if this product is good it should have made a difference with the very little skin correction I need . I have seen no progress. The only product to this day that made such a wonderful improvement to my skin was Obaji C serum line. It’s just so darn expensive.

  6. RIPOFF!! that’s all I can say about this company. And product is not worth the money they charge.Burned my face would only refund $44.89.

  7. Diane Geddis

    This is the biggest scam I’ve seen in a while. I highly recommend that you don’t get involved with it! I’m quite unhappy with the way the company operates, in that you have to return the product, even if it is empty. This is at your expense!
    I have learned my lesson well. I will not get involved with any more “free trials”, no matter what they are!

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