Lifecell Reviews – Does It Really Work?

LifeCell South Beach Skincare bills itself as the reason you should reconsider that cosmetic procedure to deal with fine lines, wrinkles, and other effects of aging on your skin. The LifeCell line consists of several products, including an all-in-one anti-aging cream, an under eye treatment, a pH balanced cleanser, and anti-aging oral supplements. The South Beach Skincare company has been selling products for almost a decade, priding itself on being a green company that is also endorsed by PETA for being cruelty free.

The purpose of the products is fairly straightforward, with each being designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, and promoting elastin and collagen reproduction while reducing the injurious effects of free radicals. The active ingredients of these products include DMAE, retinol, hyaluronic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, and acetyl hexapeptide, all of which have proven track records reversing the signs and effects of aging in the skin.


Product Descriptions

  • Cooling Under-Eye Treatment ($79) – This product is designed to reduce wrinkling around the eye, restore elasticity, reduce discoloration, and relieve puffiness with its cool metal ball applicator.
  • All-in-one Anti-Aging Treatment ($189) – This is a lightweight cream with the purpose of firming the skin, fighting wrinkles, reducing puffiness, reversing discoloration, as well as moisturizing.
  • pH Balanced Cleanser ($39) – This cleanser gently removes dirt and makeup from the skin while soothing and clearing up the complexion without excessive drying.
  • Anti-Aging Supplements ($59) – These capsules are designed to reduce the signs of aging by promoting healthy skin, muscles, joint function, and healthy hair and nail growth.


Trusted Ingredients – The list of ingredients has a proven track record. Retinol is a well-known anti-aging chemical, and hyaluronic acid is commonly used in creams to promote cell overturn.
Simple process – There are not a lot of steps to the LifeCell system, so users can just wash their faces, apply the two creams, and be done. This is a big time saver.
Money-back guarantee – LifeCell products come with a 120 day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.
Light diffusing properties – The products contain silica, which causes them to diffuse light when applied to your skin. This makes your complexion instantly appear brighter even on first use.
Ethical business practices – The South Beach Skincare company is a green company and does not test its products on animals.


No sunscreen – Any product advertising itself as anti-aging should include a good sunscreen, since the sun is the number one cause of skin damage and skin cancer.
Expensive – The prices of the LifeCell line are prohibitive for many consumers, especially considering that similar products can be purchased from the drugstore for much less.
Questionable customer service – A handful of users have said they were unhappy with the customer service when calling to ask questions about the product.


While the LifeCell line will do a good job at softening your skin and causing it to appear more healthy with each application due to the silica content, it is up to you to decide if it is worth the rather high pricetag. Lots of users swear by LifeCell and the majority of reviews we keep finding online are positive about the product. What LifeCell does do is deliver a high quality formulation of creams and supplements that will improve your skin’s appearance, although they may not deliver the miracle you may be hoping for.

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